Connect With Other Loss Families

Connect With Other Loss Families

On March 11th, 2013, after being born at full term and with just one day on this earth, our first born, Luca D’oro, passed away.

This is a collection of our thoughts, and the journey that his departure from the physical has set us on.

My hope is to share Luca’s story with the world and connect with other families on a similar path, or their friends who want to know how to support them. Ultimately, we want to help people who are in this complicated and deep grief, to allow the love behind the pain the chance to enhance their lives and transform them.

Our transformation happens each day we wake up without him, and will continue for the remainder of our life here on earth.

Edited to add, nearly 5 years after I started this- this has been a place for me to journal my pain, as well as my love. It’s documented my experience as a mother, and helped me to connect to so many fellow loss families and their loved ones. Thank you for everyone who has been here to read our story.




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  1. So sorry about your loss. Luca was such a beautiful boy.
    We are also a two-mom family who lost our first born at full term in 2011. We’ve since welcomed our double rainbow, but still miss our little girl.
    Wishing you and your partner peace and hope.

    • Thank you for reaching out. I’m so sorry for your loss of Anders. Sometimes knowing someone else has experienced this loss, especially another set of mamas, and knowing how hard the journey to conceive them was, leaves me speechless. Thank you for being brave and sharing your love and loss.

  2. Found your blog after reading Think Before You Ask in Huffpost Parents. In tears. I am so so sorry. Wish I could hug your family. Thinking of your beautiful little Luca who is always with you. Love from Trixie, Blake and our baby Lucas – Sydney, Australia

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